Progression of Colors

I find it hard to consider myself an artist. I’ve always been drawn to coding and building before what I consider traditional art. I’ve always had an interest in art, but never thought I was any good. I find, generally, that my art practices mimic my coding practices: I often start with abstract ideas then slowly progress to a well defined final product. I enjoy demonstrating that some idea has value: that a single idea might house value without investing an overbearing amount of resources to demonstrate said value. I still have a lot to learn with art and game design, though.

I think reflecting aids in learning, and also leads to appreciation. It is nice to reflect on the abstract ideas that were shared at the start of this project then watch those ideas manifest into a minimal viable product of a game. We aimed for a post modernism color pallet. We started by agreeing on a color climate, which slowly progressed into mock ups, then the latest game art seen below:


Ideas for progression

  1. Prioritize demonstrating some value over waiting to demonstrate all the value: Getting feedback on something that is incomplete will allow for adjustments earlier on.

  2. Prepare yourself for known feedback: If presenting an incomplete idea, individuals will point out that incompleteness. Listen for the comments you were not expecting.

  3. Finality is a state a mind that is defined by you: It is okay to say, this is good enough. Move on to the next concept. Test new ideas. Return to old ideas and refactor if needed.

  4. Keep scope small and realistic: What time can you afford? Do you want to make a game engine? Or do you want to make a game? Should your first game be an RPG? This concept is difficult to learn and is very sobering; However, I promise you will accomplish more when expectations are appropriately set.

What are your thoughts? How do you get things done? I am interested in learning. Let us know at our 🎮 Discord