• Reduced some of the gun shooting flashes
  • Pressing esc now allows the player to quit or return to the title screen
  • Smoother camera movement with a controller (Thanks for the feedback @adli_hm 📝)
  • Fixed bugs around being able to drop weapons with a controller. These bugs were likely the cause of another bug that would result in the player not being able to shoot (Thanks to Metal Bat for reporting this <3)
  • Added resource definitions to the game info screen (next to the settings)

Weapons and Items


  • Fixed a bug where a particular room would drop an unlimited amount of Plu (Thank you @ParkAttack for finding this one)


  • Increased mag size from 3 to 4
  • Increased rate of fire
  • Increased ammo pickup from 50 to 96
  • Fixed a bug where some rooms only had a single enemy spawn point